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How many people are actually aware that to be good is to be Holy? Many perceive being good or a good person as being someone who acts kind and does good things for others and someone who has not committed a crime. The bad news is, there is no man but God that is good; this is scriptural. To be a good person, one would have had to have never a day in their life committed an iota of sin. I am talking about all the way to our thought life. Scripture tells us that if we so much as, hate our brother in our hearts, we have committed murder. So, if you have ever had a single negative thought about anyone, including yourself; are you aware that is also classed as sin?

Remember, the second and greatest commandment says to love our neighbour as we love ourselves, and by that premise, if you think negative towards yourself, that is not loving yourself, therefore breaking that commandment. This ultimately disqualifies us from being good, meaning being Holy is completely out of the question.

That is why God forever remains the Holy One and the rock for us all. God is pure and without sin, for He is good. His being is Holiness and goodness, and because He is Holy, He is also a God of integrity, and does not lie, and is just in His being and doing. Which makes Him the rock we can rely on in any and every situation. As human beings, we can aspire to the goodness of God as believers in Christ Jesus. But because we are indeed human, the flesh is still present, and because of the flesh, we can not be Holy nor can we be reliable. As much as we would love to be reliable towards one another, the flawed part of us that is the flesh, makes us unreliable and without the Lords level of integrity for we are affected by external and internal forces of this world.

That is why we need Jesus. The more we spend time in the Word, the closer we get to God, and the more we become like Him than like the world. Through our actions and growth in character, will others get to see the God we serve. The more we lean on God’s holiness and lean on Him as our rock, the more we grow in our faith and wisdom and understanding of the importance of not being self reliant by our own strength might to navigate life, but to walk through life knowing, believing and trusting in God’s path and will for us in all things.



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