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The King James version of Micah 6:8 reads “โ€ญHe hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?” For human beings living in this world, this is a tall order. On face value, one has to ask themselves how they can be able to do what is right to other people all the time, love being kind and live humbly. As we live in a fallen world whose principalities are filled with the opposite of what the verse says, as believers in Christ Jesus, we yearn to live more like Jesus, which means not letting pride get in the way of staying humble, practicing kindness even when we are being mocked and attacked, and do the right thing towards others even when we don’t feel like it, or feel like they do not deserve it.

By our own strength, it is impossible, you will find that most cases than not, you will let pride get in the way, you will act harshly in response to things and or treatment you do not like, you will want to turn the other away than want to enjoy acting kind when you areย  not in the mood. But see, that is how Grace works. We are given what we do not deserve. For if it were not for the sacrifice made by Jesus, we would all be headed to hell. Jesus saved us by providing a way to salvation and eternal life, and it is through Jesus are we able to fulfil Micah 6:8. By looking to God in all we do, and guiding us as we navigate life, humility, kindness and doing the right thing, come as a by-product of the renewing of our minds by the Holy Spirit.

So, how does that happen? One asks! This happens when we decide to surrender to God and trust Him in all we do. By our own strength, we are limited in what we humanly can do. But by the power of the Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus. We do not walk as mere flesh and blood, but by Spirit, and it is in Spirit through the Holy Spirit, that we are able to walk in accordance to God’s will for us, and that will for us is humility, kindness, and righteousness where doing the right thing is the only way. Anything that veres away from God’s original design of whom we were called to be is of the flesh and not of God.

With a new man within us as true believers in Christ Jesus, we receive conviction when we stray from who God is within us. That conviction should be your signal to know if pride is overtaking you, if unkindness is overtaking you, and if doing the wrong thing is overtaking you. Everything we do as believers in Christ Jesus needs to be in edification of the Kingdom of God. When we walk with God and in His ways, we find ourselves not having to strive to be good, for goodness is in God, and that goodness will show in our walk, we only need to keep leaning on God, meditating on the Word and remaining prayerful.


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