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Hello Again

It appears that I have reinstated my website and getting back to blogging, which sometimes will be accompanied with some vlogging, so let us see how this journey is going to be right?

I took a much needed time off from being in the forefront and the public eye because, for years I have felt wounded, but kept going which made my wounds worse. I needed to take time off to really heal, rejuvenate and remember my purpose, remember the things I love to do, and remember to love myself again.

I thank God for giving me the strength to take that stance, and whilst in that part of my life’s journey, I thank Him for picking me up every time I felt I could not carry on, every time I felt lost and every time I had doubts about who He was in me.

Quote, Unquote: In And Out Of My Mind

So it is with my well rested self, that I have been able to; well to put it simply, write a book. My book is about my thought life; which is also the reason for reviving this website. I shan’t go into detail about it because, telling you about the book is almost the same as reading everything that is in the book to you. All I can say is; I address my struggles and battles with mental health and I put a lot of focus on the journey that I have lived thus far as a born again Christian where I get to do a lot of reflecting on my faith, hopes, forgiveness, unforgiveness and more. Everything you need know about what is in the book can be found by clicking here.

I hope you do enjoy the book, and I look forward to the new chapter of my life as I continue to bring you into my perspective on life as a black Christian woman.

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