Elaka is a creativepreneur whose mission in life is to share her skills, build people up and help people in less privileged positions whilst showing people the love of Jesus. A God fearing Christian who happens to have a passion for the creative arts and running several creative based businesses within media and entertainment and an affinity for The Sims 4. Elaka is more or less a wholesome content creator, who is aware that she is far from perfect, therefore takes everyday as a means to learn something new and to learn more how to love people the way Jesus loves us unconditionally with the hope that through her journey others will be able to experience Jesus.

As a creativepreneur Elaka established The Effycom Group; a company that houses a variety of her business endeavours. These include a magazine publication TGZ Magazine which she serves as the Editor In Chief, The ZMCharts where she serves as the Creative Director, ElHry Clothing a fashion brand for clothing and household accessories, just to name a few.

When she is not busy being a CEO, Elaka continues to pursue a career in music and acting having released her debut single “My Africa” in 2011. This was followed by additional single releases as well as performing on large and small stages. She also spends time as what one would call a gamer specifically playing The Sims 4. This can now be listed as one of Elaka’s passion projects as she gets to challenge her creative palette not just as a player but as a creator through her custom content creation which can be found at EPC Media.

As part of her mission and a branch of The Effycom Group; Elaka mentors young people under The Effycom Mentorship Programme by offering advice, support and guidance on better navigating their lives and careers.

Most recently Elaka added author to her many hats in a semi autobiographical creative book titled “Quote, Unquote: In And Out Of My Mind” a book that takes readers into her thought life and discussions she has with herself, about battling with depression, her faith as a Christian, society, and work life with some of her real life experiences juxtaposed with fictional stories and metaphors.

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